Week 3!

So it’s been over a week since I last posted about what work I’ve been doing. But I had done quite a bit!

Last week, other than settling in and tottering about doing little duties around the office, I had to research for a client enquiring about release. This was fun because it was something new to me and I had created a document with the procedure and eligibility and how the inmate would be marked (the criteria that needs to be met.)

Other than that research the week was good as I even went to court again.

This week though, I was able to watch the trial of US v. Rengan Rajaratnam. I am thankful that James allowed me to visit the trial because although it was very complex and hard to understand the indictment if you aren’t familiar with insider-trading etc.

They have concluded the trial for the week and the counsels have given their closing arguments so next week the jury will deliberate on whether to convict him of conspiracy to commit insider trading. It is ever so interesting! (You can google it too, as there were reporters sitting on the trial.)

This week was only a 4 day week at work because it was Friday 4th July! The weather was horrible in the morning which meant moping about for a few hours before setting off to do anything with Chanae and Masi. We went to eat at Hooters too which was fun (but the chicken wings weren’t too great) and then the weather cleared up so we headed to watch the 4th July fireworks. Ironically, I enjoyed celebrating the 4th (even though they are celebrating not being ruled by England etc.)  We were quite far back but we still had an amazing view and it was just a great evening.

I think tomorrow we are going Six Flags (New Jersey) – I can’t wait!!



Weekend :)

This weekend we were supposed to go and kayak around the Brooklyn Bridge, but you know… working in this heat makes you slow down a few hours. My parents had also arrived, so as we couldn’t kayak this week i went to meet them.

I was showing them around the area and Times Square, and I wanted to take them to eat at Hard Rock Cafe. I had the best food again! Chanae had told me before that our lecturer had suggested getting cheesecake whilst we’re here and the portions are so huge i can’t even order the oreo cheesecake afterwards. Next time, i’m just going to get the cheesecake!

The weather was nice and I spent the day browsing the shops with my parents and then trekking off home (still not used to the 45 minutes journey on the subway late at night with the air con on 😦 lol.)

Sunday… was a fun day. Masi lives in New Jersey so it takes her a while on the weekend to get to meet us in the City because of all the travel adjustments on the weekend. She had told me how good iHop was when she went with her cousin… so we had to go. As we were going to an outside swimming pool, we ended up going to iHop in Harlem. Let me just tell you know… it is not like the City. It is still lovely though, but I got lost trying to find this place. I walked around every street and what do you know? It was right next to the station.

I had waffles with bacon, egg and then fruit (so weird.. but Masi suggested it! It was lovely, although, they go OTT with the cream and stuff, it was way too much.) Of course, for my drink I had iced tea. I have been living on Lemon and Raspberry Ice Tea since being here.

After our food we went to meet Chay at Central Park to find the outdoor swimming pool. We only had 30 minutes in the pool before it was closed for cleaning. We sat in the park, soaking up the sun and tanned for a while (by tanned I mean I just got burnt :/) Then went back in the pool. Although, this time everyone was going crazy in the water and it was colder and more crowded. We headed back home after a nice relaxing day at central park to get ready for work the next day.


Second Week!

Week 2. This week has been very calm and enjoyable at the same time. I had done a spot of shopping over the weekend before feeling a bit worse on Sunday. I think this heat has affected me some how as I seem to get headaches a lot! Or I should be wearing my glasses whilst at work :P.

On Saturday, Chay and I popped into Soho for some shopping. This was a nice day out, not being in the same area that we usually go to the shops for. Chay had bought some mango’s from a stall and I wish i went back to get more. They were the BEST MANGO’S i have ever had. They were just beautiful.

Anywho’s, I had popped into Grand Central station too, although I am going to go back to really appreciate the building. It is beautiful! I’ve never been one for architecture and landscapes but that station is just lovely. It’s very big and busy!

Monday, first day of the week! – I had asked James for some research to do over the weekend/Monday as I wanted to challenge myself. (NY law is very difficult and confusing and very hard to grasp!) I have to look for the procedure of applying for Compassionate Release from prison (it basically is a request to have a shorter sentence due to a terminal illness or a sickness that is being worsened whilst in prison and needs better care.) I had found a few articles and stories on westlaw and google scholar and even found some statutes with the procedure. This was all very quick and I am going to spend more time on this today and tomorrow to show James what I have found.

I also had created a document for the trial I had prepared evidence for last week. I feel like I will leave this work experience… very organised! Everything is in folders within folders and labelled and organised… so that will be helpful for third year (and even preparing for my dissertation).

It’s Tuesday now and I was going through check’s for a different case (seriously, it was fun last week but it’s just so confusing!) and YES… they spell cheque’s weird 😛

The rest of the week was relaxing. I had done some general office duties and just helped around the office as much as I could. The lifestyle here is one you need to adapt too, whether I could in a few years? Who knows!


First week!

So, last you heard from me was Wednesday… (technically Tuesday for me) and I was settling in okay. This week has been really fun getting used to the city life and how amazing it is working in NYC! I was speaking to one of the attorney’s and asked what time she had left and she left late (like real late).. She commented it is literally the City that never sleeps as majority of the work offices stay open 24/7 :O.

Any who’s, after Court on Tuesday, I was excited but nervous for the next few days. I was reading up the facts of all the upcoming court dates and hearings to familiarize myself with them in case I get to go visit again.

Wednesday was a typical office day, answering client phone calls and logging information and filing all the court documents. Yet, even this is still very helpful! You’ll be surprised. I get to read so many documents that have been helping me understand New York State Law, that I am gaining a good understanding.

Thursday and Friday were quite fun. I ended up helping another attorney Ronald Rubinstein. He is so lovely! I was helping him and his co-worker (Attorney at the office too!) prepare check’s for a trial. Ronald kindly gave me a brief overview of the case (which unfortunately I cannot share, however, it is basically a big fraud case!)

I had to go through around 2000 check’s and find the one’s that are relevant for the case as they may need to be sent to Miami for trial. I was quite nervous at the same time as I felt that it really needed to be done carefully to make the attorney’s life less stressful at trial. (I’ve been to court and seen how many folders etc they have :O and let me tell you now… it’s alot!)

I spent Thursday and Friday sorting out all these check’s and finished them just at the end of Friday. It was a lovely day and I had the best view of the Empire State Building from where I was working.


I’m going to have a nice weekend shopping now and hopefully the weather is nice 🙂




2 day update!

So, as you are all aware it is now the early hours of Wednesday for those back in England. That also means i have been at work now for two days.

The nerves i felt on the first day was just unreal. I was getting nervous about being too late or forgetting little things that are second nature to everyone. Chay and I set off together (even though she didn’t have to start until 9:30 she left with me). I was already freaking out that the first bus was delayed, yet i made it with 10minutes to spare! Go me!

I didn’t really know what to expect when I met James and the others that are part of his team. I have heard about him before and how he works but I was worried that I won’t know what is really going on. Yet, that is kind of how I feel.

There is just so much I need to know, its all quite overwhelming. Although, they are so lovely and explaining as much as they can to me (whilst juggling a million other things!) James had been busy throughout the day meeting clients so when I first met him in the afternoon I wasn’t as nervous. He made sure that if I need help I should always ask, and spoke about the things that I will be doing during the week.

I am going to be experiencing a bit of everything… literally. I have been answering calls from clients (I must say, a lot of people don’t understand me here! So this made me 10x more nervous than I should’ve been just to answer a phone.) Everything is so fast paced and there is a lot of outside research and work I need to do to understand exactly what is going on around me but I am sure I will be on top of things by the end of the first two weeks!

James also said I will be going to Court for a calendar hearing (yes, I had no idea what this was yet I was willing as ever to go and sit to find out how they’re criminal justice system operates – and may I add it’s a lot harder to understand than ours!

Anywho’s, my second day (after going to the state and federal court) was pretty relaxed. I had done some filing work and looking at motions and was reading documents so I know what they look like and can get to grips with things.

It has been a long two days (8:30-5:30 is tiring for me especially when I leave at 7am!) So I will be going to bed as tomorrow I am starting at 8:30 again.

I know I am going to be scared as the phones ring quite a lot and I will be helping out more as someone isn’t in.

I will let you know how the rest of the week has gone on Friday!



New York Minute – part 2!

After surviving the first trip to the city, we wanted to go back and explore some more! We were so tired the first day so didn’t go to Times Square (and the rain was an important factor in our decision to go home early too :p)

This is only going to be a short post as i’ve added a few pictures in this one! But we went for a nice walk around Times Square (which is a place not just the screens you see on TV!) We were stopped by this tour guide who gave us a pamphlet with a bus ride and the option of doing a helicopter tour around NYC too (we will no doubt do this soon 😀 actually scared and excited if it happens).

Anyways, i loved times square! It was exactly like the movies (and Glee! lol) I cannot wait to go to a broadway show as well. Walking around and browsing in the shops we got hungry and went to Hard Rock Cafe. I’ve been to one before in Florida yet i was so young i forgot how good it was. The food and atmosphere just made it all lovely.

We did a bit more wandering around and then after walking a lot we were tired and decided to go home. I know tomorrow we are just going to stay indoors and rest because we start work on the Monday. Exciting times.

xoxo. – a few pictures from our day below too!


besisdes the fact that my fringe has gone crazy and so has my hand… i actually love this picture and the person in it 😀 🙂


you can really see that I’m tired in this lol… that drink was beautiful!

 IMG_2442 IMG_7561 IMG_2448 photo IMG_7554 IMG_7551

New York Minute – part 1.

So, over the past 2 days chay & I ventured out to the city (on our own!) and survived! hooray! – although we know not to trust ‘BeccaGoogle’. Lets just say, i’m not very good with my way around NYC just yet.

On Friday, we decided to go and find where we will be working and how to get there. Its still so surreal that I am actually here in NYC for two months, it hasn’t sunk in yet. Although, i can definitely tell I’m in the states because everything is different. Like the roads etc.

I’ve noticed people here struggle to understand us, I don’t know why! Anyways, we got the ‘F’ bound train to Coney Island and then arrived at 23rd Street. This is all still so confusing to me, but i think i will actually understand it all but no doubt when its time to leave.

The train journey wasn’t too bad, and i thought it should be okay when commuting to work everyday. After getting lost following Becca Google, we then started heading in the right direction. Before finally finding the avenue we are working on we had a little browse in the shops. We walked down the avenue and it was everything i thought it would be. I’ve never been to new york and i always imagine it being really busy and taxi’s everywhere… and it was exactly that but better! I just knew i would love working in the City for the next 7 weeks.

After we found our work places, we headed to get some food and unfortunately got caught in the rain. It was CRAZY! We were running down the street trying to get to the train station and hid in Zara (so Chay could get a jacket because she was drenched) and a siren was coming from my phone warning us about flood zones!

We survived the rain and made the journey home; very wet and tired. I loved our first day in the City, we managed to get from Queens and venture out and explore the city by ourselves, although very confused at times I loved it! 🙂


xoxo.- a few pictures from today!




‘Chocolate & Vanillaaa swirrrrlll’ – before our OITNB ice creams 🙂


this scared the life out of me! didn’t even know these alerts could appear on your phone


Day 1.

So, there is no more waiting or countdown as I am currently in New York writing this! It has come around so fast, and I never even realised because of exams and working. But I can finally say I am writing this from NYC! :D.

I should probably let you know why I’m doing this blog and why I’m in America! My University allow you the option to take an extra module in your second year which allows you to gain experience in America…and well yeah that’s why I’m in New York!

I have literally been counting down the days since my birthday and those 12 days have whizzed by. I woke up to leave for the airport as I had to get a train because my family couldn’t drop me. This was an experience and a half! (May I add, I was travelling at 9am to get to the airport so you can imagine how busy the underground in London was!). I had the heaviest case and most inconvenient hand-luggage bag as it was awkward to carry and the trains were extremely hot! Those who commute regularly with luggage on the underground know that only a very few amount of people will offer support (I can understand, the case did look heavy and it even broke the handle) but alas I made it to Paddington to get the Heathrow express!

After arriving in NY, I didn’t realise how tired I was until we got to the apartment that it sunk in. May I add as well that the taxi cabs here allow you to pay for the fare by card! I was literally amazed because it even had a TV in the back!

After falling asleep, I knew getting used to the time difference might be a struggle..



(Also, I know I skipped the details of the flight and arriving in NY so here is a picture of chay & I waiting to board the plane at Heathrow! )


In NY the weather wasn’t the same as England, so i looked a little silly with the hat on :$


The Internship!!

In the summer of 2014 I have been given an opportunity to work with a law attorney in New York City!

From the middle of June until the middle of August i am going to be at the law offices of James Kousouros. This summer will be my best summer!

I have wanted to do this since starting Law at University (the reason i packed up my bags and moved to Birmingham) and now it is going to actually happen.

I would be extremely grateful if any family or friends and any others are able to help me and contribute to help fund for this trip. I need to save towards my accommodation and living expenses.

Although i am currently studying for my exams i am working 2 jobs to help fund me for this.


I now kindly ask all my friends and family if you can help me make my dream happen!