Day 1.

So, there is no more waiting or countdown as I am currently in New York writing this! It has come around so fast, and I never even realised because of exams and working. But I can finally say I am writing this from NYC! :D.

I should probably let you know why I’m doing this blog and why I’m in America! My University allow you the option to take an extra module in your second year which allows you to gain experience in America…and well yeah that’s why I’m in New York!

I have literally been counting down the days since my birthday and those 12 days have whizzed by. I woke up to leave for the airport as I had to get a train because my family couldn’t drop me. This was an experience and a half! (May I add, I was travelling at 9am to get to the airport so you can imagine how busy the underground in London was!). I had the heaviest case and most inconvenient hand-luggage bag as it was awkward to carry and the trains were extremely hot! Those who commute regularly with luggage on the underground know that only a very few amount of people will offer support (I can understand, the case did look heavy and it even broke the handle) but alas I made it to Paddington to get the Heathrow express!

After arriving in NY, I didn’t realise how tired I was until we got to the apartment that it sunk in. May I add as well that the taxi cabs here allow you to pay for the fare by card! I was literally amazed because it even had a TV in the back!

After falling asleep, I knew getting used to the time difference might be a struggle..



(Also, I know I skipped the details of the flight and arriving in NY so here is a picture of chay & I waiting to board the plane at Heathrow! )


In NY the weather wasn’t the same as England, so i looked a little silly with the hat on :$



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