New York Minute – part 1.

So, over the past 2 days chay & I ventured out to the city (on our own!) and survived! hooray! – although we know not to trust ‘BeccaGoogle’. Lets just say, i’m not very good with my way around NYC just yet.

On Friday, we decided to go and find where we will be working and how to get there. Its still so surreal that I am actually here in NYC for two months, it hasn’t sunk in yet. Although, i can definitely tell I’m in the states because everything is different. Like the roads etc.

I’ve noticed people here struggle to understand us, I don’t know why! Anyways, we got the ‘F’ bound train to Coney Island and then arrived at 23rd Street. This is all still so confusing to me, but i think i will actually understand it all but no doubt when its time to leave.

The train journey wasn’t too bad, and i thought it should be okay when commuting to work everyday. After getting lost following Becca Google, we then started heading in the right direction. Before finally finding the avenue we are working on we had a little browse in the shops. We walked down the avenue and it was everything i thought it would be. I’ve never been to new york and i always imagine it being really busy and taxi’s everywhere… and it was exactly that but better! I just knew i would love working in the City for the next 7 weeks.

After we found our work places, we headed to get some food and unfortunately got caught in the rain. It was CRAZY! We were running down the street trying to get to the train station and hid in Zara (so Chay could get a jacket because she was drenched) and a siren was coming from my phone warning us about flood zones!

We survived the rain and made the journey home; very wet and tired. I loved our first day in the City, we managed to get from Queens and venture out and explore the city by ourselves, although very confused at times I loved it! 🙂


xoxo.- a few pictures from today!




‘Chocolate & Vanillaaa swirrrrlll’ – before our OITNB ice creams 🙂


this scared the life out of me! didn’t even know these alerts could appear on your phone



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