New York Minute – part 2!

After surviving the first trip to the city, we wanted to go back and explore some more! We were so tired the first day so didn’t go to Times Square (and the rain was an important factor in our decision to go home early too :p)

This is only going to be a short post as i’ve added a few pictures in this one! But we went for a nice walk around Times Square (which is a place not just the screens you see on TV!) We were stopped by this tour guide who gave us a pamphlet with a bus ride and the option of doing a helicopter tour around NYC too (we will no doubt do this soon 😀 actually scared and excited if it happens).

Anyways, i loved times square! It was exactly like the movies (and Glee! lol) I cannot wait to go to a broadway show as well. Walking around and browsing in the shops we got hungry and went to Hard Rock Cafe. I’ve been to one before in Florida yet i was so young i forgot how good it was. The food and atmosphere just made it all lovely.

We did a bit more wandering around and then after walking a lot we were tired and decided to go home. I know tomorrow we are just going to stay indoors and rest because we start work on the Monday. Exciting times.

xoxo. – a few pictures from our day below too!


besisdes the fact that my fringe has gone crazy and so has my hand… i actually love this picture and the person in it 😀 🙂


you can really see that I’m tired in this lol… that drink was beautiful!

 IMG_2442 IMG_7561 IMG_2448 photo IMG_7554 IMG_7551


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