2 day update!

So, as you are all aware it is now the early hours of Wednesday for those back in England. That also means i have been at work now for two days.

The nerves i felt on the first day was just unreal. I was getting nervous about being too late or forgetting little things that are second nature to everyone. Chay and I set off together (even though she didn’t have to start until 9:30 she left with me). I was already freaking out that the first bus was delayed, yet i made it with 10minutes to spare! Go me!

I didn’t really know what to expect when I met James and the others that are part of his team. I have heard about him before and how he works but I was worried that I won’t know what is really going on. Yet, that is kind of how I feel.

There is just so much I need to know, its all quite overwhelming. Although, they are so lovely and explaining as much as they can to me (whilst juggling a million other things!) James had been busy throughout the day meeting clients so when I first met him in the afternoon I wasn’t as nervous. He made sure that if I need help I should always ask, and spoke about the things that I will be doing during the week.

I am going to be experiencing a bit of everything‚Ķ literally. I have been answering calls from clients (I must say, a lot of people don’t understand me here! So this made me 10x more nervous than I should’ve been just to answer a phone.) Everything is so fast paced and there is a lot of outside research and work I need to do to understand exactly what is going on around me but I am sure I will be on top of things by the end of the first two weeks!

James also said I will be going to Court for a calendar hearing (yes, I had no idea what this was yet I was willing as ever to go and sit to find out how they’re criminal justice system operates – and may I add it’s a lot harder to understand than ours!

Anywho’s, my second day (after going to the state and federal court) was pretty relaxed. I had done some filing work and looking at motions and was reading documents so I know what they look like and can get to grips with things.

It has been a long two days (8:30-5:30 is tiring for me especially when I leave at 7am!) So I will be going to bed as tomorrow I am starting at 8:30 again.

I know I am going to be scared as the phones ring quite a lot and I will be helping out more as someone isn’t in.

I will let you know how the rest of the week has gone on Friday!




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