First week!

So, last you heard from me was Wednesday… (technically Tuesday for me) and I was settling in okay. This week has been really fun getting used to the city life and how amazing it is working in NYC! I was speaking to one of the attorney’s and asked what time she had left and she left late (like real late).. She commented it is literally the City that never sleeps as majority of the work offices stay open 24/7 :O.

Any who’s, after Court on Tuesday, I was excited but nervous for the next few days. I was reading up the facts of all the upcoming court dates and hearings to familiarize myself with them in case I get to go visit again.

Wednesday was a typical office day, answering client phone calls and logging information and filing all the court documents. Yet, even this is still very helpful! You’ll be surprised. I get to read so many documents that have been helping me understand New York State Law, that I am gaining a good understanding.

Thursday and Friday were quite fun. I ended up helping another attorney Ronald Rubinstein. He is so lovely! I was helping him and his co-worker (Attorney at the office too!) prepare check’s for a trial. Ronald kindly gave me a brief overview of the case (which unfortunately I cannot share, however, it is basically a big fraud case!)

I had to go through around 2000 check’s and find the one’s that are relevant for the case as they may need to be sent to Miami for trial. I was quite nervous at the same time as I felt that it really needed to be done carefully to make the attorney’s life less stressful at trial. (I’ve been to court and seen how many folders etc they have :O and let me tell you now… it’s alot!)

I spent Thursday and Friday sorting out all these check’s and finished them just at the end of Friday. It was a lovely day and I had the best view of the Empire State Building from where I was working.


I’m going to have a nice weekend shopping now and hopefully the weather is nice 🙂





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