Second Week!

Week 2. This week has been very calm and enjoyable at the same time. I had done a spot of shopping over the weekend before feeling a bit worse on Sunday. I think this heat has affected me some how as I seem to get headaches a lot! Or I should be wearing my glasses whilst at work :P.

On Saturday, Chay and I popped into Soho for some shopping. This was a nice day out, not being in the same area that we usually go to the shops for. Chay had bought some mango’s from a stall and I wish i went back to get more. They were the BEST MANGO’S i have ever had. They were just beautiful.

Anywho’s, I had popped into Grand Central station too, although I am going to go back to really appreciate the building. It is beautiful! I’ve never been one for architecture and landscapes but that station is just lovely. It’s very big and busy!

Monday, first day of the week! – I had asked James for some research to do over the weekend/Monday as I wanted to challenge myself. (NY law is very difficult and confusing and very hard to grasp!) I have to look for the procedure of applying for Compassionate Release from prison (it basically is a request to have a shorter sentence due to a terminal illness or a sickness that is being worsened whilst in prison and needs better care.) I had found a few articles and stories on westlaw and google scholar and even found some statutes with the procedure. This was all very quick and I am going to spend more time on this today and tomorrow to show James what I have found.

I also had created a document for the trial I had prepared evidence for last week. I feel like I will leave this work experience… very organised! Everything is in folders within folders and labelled and organised… so that will be helpful for third year (and even preparing for my dissertation).

It’s Tuesday now and I was going through check’s for a different case (seriously, it was fun last week but it’s just so confusing!) and YES… they spell cheque’s weird 😛

The rest of the week was relaxing. I had done some general office duties and just helped around the office as much as I could. The lifestyle here is one you need to adapt too, whether I could in a few years? Who knows!



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