Week 3!

So it’s been over a week since I last posted about what work I’ve been doing. But I had done quite a bit!

Last week, other than settling in and tottering about doing little duties around the office, I had to research for a client enquiring about release. This was fun because it was something new to me and I had created a document with the procedure and eligibility and how the inmate would be marked (the criteria that needs to be met.)

Other than that research the week was good as I even went to court again.

This week though, I was able to watch the trial of US v. Rengan Rajaratnam. I am thankful that James allowed me to visit the trial because although it was very complex and hard to understand the indictment if you aren’t familiar with insider-trading etc.

They have concluded the trial for the week and the counsels have given their closing arguments so next week the jury will deliberate on whether to convict him of conspiracy to commit insider trading. It is ever so interesting! (You can google it too, as there were reporters sitting on the trial.)

This week was only a 4 day week at work because it was Friday 4th July! The weather was horrible in the morning which meant moping about for a few hours before setting off to do anything with Chanae and Masi. We went to eat at Hooters too which was fun (but the chicken wings weren’t too great) and then the weather cleared up so we headed to watch the 4th July fireworks. Ironically, I enjoyed celebrating the 4th (even though they are celebrating not being ruled by England etc.)  We were quite far back but we still had an amazing view and it was just a great evening.

I think tomorrow we are going Six Flags (New Jersey) – I can’t wait!!



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